Giddy Staking Guide

What in tarnation is Giddy?

Giddy makes you run faster, jump higher and shoot straighter (YMMV). It is the token by which the Giddyverse operates. It will power functionality in the Giddy Defi app, and may just go to the moon, mars, and beyond!

Mostly, Giddy is the a world-class operation aiming to simplify decentralized finance (DeFi). As more layers and solutions are added to blockchains and networks, we need a way for not-in-crypto-24-7-people to have a chance to participate.

Well, here's your chance.

Disclaimer and Notices

This is a blog that is intended to help, but is not financial or technical advice on how to allocate funds. There may be errors, and those will be updated as they are discovered. Use this at your own risk, and DYOR!

This may contain affiliate links. You are able to sign up for services and interact with the Giddy dApp without the use of them, but any affiliate link will be used to maximize self-enrichment to the fullest extent possible.

Prework - Compatible Wallets

In order to interact with the Giddy dApp, you will need a MetaMask, Coinbase or WalletConnect-compatible wallet.

Those can be found here:

MetaMask Users

If you are new to cryptocurrency or digital assets, it is critical that you understand that you need to have safe/secure copies of your seed phrase. Don't be like this guy.

Please use this guide to set up your MetaMask wallet on the Polygon (MATIC) network. This will enable you to connect with the Giddy dApp.

When you have successfully added the Polygon Network to your MetaMask wallet, you should see this:

If you have not set up your MetaMask wallet correctly, you will get this error on the Giddy dApp.

Once you have successfully connected to the Polygon Network, you will see this in the upper right corner of the Giddy dApp:

Coinbase Wallet Users


Coinbase Wallet transacts MATIC on the Ethereum Network. A deeper explanation can be found here. You are responsible for understanding the impact this has if you try to transact between different networks. If you are a first time user of crypto, please use MetaMask.

Other Wallets

Other wallets not specifically mentioned will have their unique requirements. Above all else, please ensure that the wallet you are using is connected to the Polygon Network, not the Ethereum Network. Failure to do so could result in lost funds.

Funding Your Wallet

Free lunches are great, but a truly free lunch doesn't exist. You will need to fund your wallet with MATIC to be able to transact on the Polygon Network.

Funding from Existing Crypto Wallets

You can use a wallet that already has cryptocurrency or tokens to swap for MATIC.

If you already have a wallet, please look into whether the MATIC is transacted on the Polygon Network. For example, Coinomi (like Coinbase) transacts MATIC on the Ethereum Network. YOU CANNOT ASSUME, RESEARCH!

In order to convert assets from another network to the Polygon Network, you will need to use a bridge. This one connects to your wallet and manages the process well.

Paper Wallets

You can "sweep" your assets from your paper wallet into a wallet like Exodus. Sweeping is where you provide your private key in Exodus, and it transfers all of your assets from a paper wallet into the Exodus wallet. From there, you can swap for MATIC on the Polygon Network, and send to your MetaMask.

Funding from an Exchange

There are several options from which to turn your fiat currency into digital currency. Not all exchanges have the option of transacting on the Polygon Network, and this is indicated in the options below:

You have seen the commercials literally everywhere. This is the recommended option for a simple fiat-to-crypto gateway, as gives you the option to buy/transact native to the Polygon Network. Use my referral link to get $25 in fiat fun coupons to get started!

NOTE: It will take ~24 hours to get up and running to add your payment info, funds to settle, and your MATIC address to get whitelisted. If using, please whitelist your MetaMask MATIC address immediately.


One of the most well known, Coinbase transacts MATIC on the Ethereum Network. This would require you to use a bridge to convert assets from one network to another, incurring high gas fees on both sides of the transactions. For this reason, it is not recommended that you use Coinbase.

MetaMask Wallet

You can buy MATIC via Transak directly from the MetaMask wallet via a 3rd party partner. There will be a required 'know your customer' (KYC) process that will include sharing a selfie and copy of a driver's license/ID card.

Note: Your credit card processor may block the Transak service. You may have more success with a debit card, or it may take a call to your credit card provider to get the transaction with Transak pre-approved.

Successful Funding of MetaMask

Once you have funded your MetaMask wallet, you should see a balance of MATIC.

Swapping MATIC for Giddy

Navigating the Giddy dApp

Once your wallet is set up and funded, you can head over to the Giddy dApp. Look in the top right corner to connect your wallet:

Select from the list the wallet you have set up:

Once you have connected, you should see a green status with the first/last digits of your address:

In order to stake Giddy, you need Giddy. Click on the "Giddy" link from the list of options:

At the bottom of the staking screen, there is a hyperlinked text "Get Giddy Token". Click on that:


If it is your first time using Sushi, MetaMask (or whichever wallet you are using) should prompt you to connect.

Once connected, you will see the option to swap MATIC for Giddy.

Enter the amount of MATIC you would like to swap for Giddy. **NOTE: NEVER USE THE FULL BALANCE!!! You will need MATIC in your wallet to pay for network fees. As a rule of thumb, keep 5-10 MATIC in at all times.**

If you are ready to swap, click the 'Swap' button.

You will be prompted to confirm the transaction. If all looks to be in order, click 'Confirm Swap'.

Once the transaction is submitted, you will see this:

If the transaction successfully went through, you will get a notification and see the new token balance in the wallet:

Staking Giddy

With Giddy in your wallet, it is time to stake!

As before, navigate to the 'Giddy' option from the list:

Once in the Giddy window, select "Max" to stake the full amount of Giddy in your wallet. Alternatively, select the amount you want to stake up to the available balanace:

Once you have the balance, click "Approve":

You will be prompted to sign the transaction via MetaMask. Click "Sign", and you will be returned back to the Giddy dApp:

If signature in MetaMask was successful, then you can click "Stake".

If you encounter an error with staking, you can toggle the 'Enable Legacy Staking' to hopefully clear the error.

Once you click 'Stake', you will be prompted to complete the transaction via MetaMask:

Click 'Confirm', and the transaction will complete. If successful, you will get notification that your Giddy has staked:

Harvesting Staked Giddy

You did a ton of hard work for your hard earned Giddy. Time to harvest!

In the Giddy dApp, click the 'Harvest All' button:

You will see the button change to indication the harvest has initiated:

You will receive a prompt in your wallet to pay for the network fees to complete the transaction:

Click 'Confirm', and you will be returned to the Giddy dApp dashboard:

Once completed, you will receive confirmation that the Giddy was harvested:

Check out your new balance, spend it on something nice, OR RE-STAKE IT!!! GIDDY UP!!!