Glossary of Terms

Giddy - adj. - A euphoric sensation of being joyfully elated.

"Standard Buttload" - n - 100 Giddy is the official amount of a 'buttload'. The $ value of buttload changes constantly, but it is always 100 Giddy.

Essential Tools

This tool is a dashboard of performance of Giddy staking. Free and optional paid service.

Charts, volumes, metrics. A veritable data gold mine.

Polygon Bridge

Essential tool for converting digital assets to the Polygon Network.

Impermanent Loss Calculator

Giddy-USDC Liquidity Pool is a complex topic. Impermanent
loss can be calculated to help decide what to stake.

DeBank - Giddy

Richlist and distribution of Giddy hodlers. Great resource to see detailed asset breakdown per wallet. - Tax Guide

Great overview of tax implications of staking, yield farming, DeFi.

Giddy Staking Calculator

A good way to estimate how much you will make staking.

(Tip jar: 0x91304D00cfE5295377748C7B37fb90ac0311Da61)

Educational Resources

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