Giddy Widget

Why you need Giddget (the Giddy Widget)

Not to be confused with the fictional stories of a girl surfing in Malibu or the name of the Taco Bell® chihuahua, the Giddget is a creation by the one and only @karlmonson from the Giddy Discord.

If you love the Giddget, send @karlmonson some Giddy: 0x7E217ed7c2b03ec4bb163341875fd7cA5e4c726e

With the Giddget, you can easily see the price of Giddy from your phone's home screen!

How to add Giddget to iOS

Navigate the the Apple App Store:

Search for 'Scriptable' in the app store:

When you have found the correct app, tap 'Get':

Complete the checkout process (free download at the time of writing this):

Once the app is downloaded, open the app (from the app store or from the home screen):

From the Scriptable home screen, tap the '+' button in the top right corner:

The new script screen will look like this:

Push the home button and open up a browser and go to this URL:

Once this is pulled up, copy the code text:

Double tap your home button and select the Scriptable app:

With your blank Scriptable project open, hold your finger down on the screen until the option to paste the copied code:

The script will not work unless there is an API key from CoinMarketCap (CMC).

You will need to navigate to and create a basic account to get an API key:

Complete the setup for the CMC API account and tap "Create my Account":

You will need to verify your account from the email account used to sign up for the free CMC account:

Once in your account, your API key will be obscured/hidden:

Tap anywhere in the box with asterisks to reveal and copy your API key:

With the API key copied, double tap the home button and navigate to the Scriptable app:

In the Scriptable app, find the text that says "YOURAPIKEY." Highlight "YOURAPIKEY" and select paste to replace "YOURAPIKEY" with your CMC API key:

Tap 'Untitled Script' at the top center of the screen and rename the script to "Giddget" and tap 'Rename':

Once your API key has pasted correctly, tap 'Done' in the top left corner:

Press the 'Home' button on the phone to return to your home screen:

Press down anywhere on the home screen that is not an app until a '+' icon appears at the top right of the screen:

Search for Scriptable, and tap on the Scriptable option from the list below:

When the 'Run Script' screen appears, tap on '+ Add Widget':

The script placeholder labeled "Select script in widget configuration" will appear on the home screen. Tap on it:

From the list of available options, tap on "Giddget":

When you see "Giddget" to the right of "Script", tap anywhere outside of the dialog box to return to your home screen:

You should now see the Giddget on your home screen!